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Also, revised cancer book. Please order from your local bookstore! 

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      Thank you for checking out my website.

      I'm a journalist, author and editor, having been a newspaper reporter and columnist, a McGraw-Hill science reporter and editor of a trade journal, and executive editor of a chain of local newspapers. As you'll see elsewhere on this site, I've written novels, non-fiction books, screenplays and both technical and general interest articles on subjects as varied as health & nutrition, travel, transportation, bio-tech, instrumentation, celebrity interviews and sports. I've also ghost-written books on hospital management, auto sales training and nutrition.

     Finally, I've put in stints as an advertising copywriter and PR executive, and for 10 years ran my own Advertising & PR agency. With this writing experience it sounds like I'm 97 years old, but in fact I'm still in my twenties.

     If you're responding to a query, let's talk. I'm also available for assignments.

Phone: 415-388-5743 ~ Cell: 415-260-0530
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